Valerie Hebert – Fiber Art & Painting

FullSizeRender 113Valerie Rosenthal Hebert is a 3rd generation Coronado resident who joined Austin’s Gallery Art Collective in 2008. Growing up in a military family, Val called Coronado home during many cross country moves while her father fulfilled his duties as a Marine Aviator. Currently, Val lives in a historic Coronado home overlooking Glorietta Bay with her husband, two teen sons, and Lola, the Portuguese Water Dog. She is active in the Coronado Historic Home Preservation community, and has been the plein air painting artist at the CHA Home Tour for the past several years. Happy to find a local gallery where she can display her work, meet with clients and get to know visitors to Coronado, Val feels her work is right at home at Austin’s Gallery.

Aside from painting historic Coronado homes in watercolor and mixed media collage, Val creates heARTfelt mixed media fiber art from repurposed wool and natural textiles which she felts, cuts, and stitches up into new products. Then, she needle felts her own artistic designs into the fabric base, which means she uses special barbed needles to stab and poke loose wool into her creation. Val is able to transform her sewn creations into something completely unique and artistic, and often very whimsical. She often finish the design with embroidered words or accents. Most pieces are one of a kind, or something she creates in a very small series. Val's art serves to encourage, love, sooth and bring joyfulness to all who encounter it.

V_Hebert_Art_Bird_Sweater (2)Val earned a BA in Fine Art with a Painting emphasis at San Diego State University, which helped her to organize her design sense, refine her patterns and allow colors in her art work to come to life. She teaches needle felting classes when time permits, and has recently created an online e-course called Hello Felt, where she shares her needle felting and sewing tips and tricks. Val invites you to learn more about the art of Needle Felting by visiting the Hello Felt information page at

San Diego Home and Garden Lifestyles Magazine named Val a "Star of San Diego” (January 2016) for her artistic and creative work. You are invited to read the article here:

To see an amazing stop motion video showcasing Val’s entire creative process, please visit her website:, and scroll down on the home page.

FullSizeRender 118Val's work speaks for itself, which means you can relax and wear or give it with confidence. People seem to fall in love with Val's unique creations at first sight. Women, men, children, babies, young adults - even teens AND preteens! Your decision to give a handmade gift by Val will be a decision you won’t regret!

To see the latest of what Val is working on, or to find out about upcoming shows and events, check out her blog, etc, ... it's all compiled on her recently redesigned website, Please feel free to contact Val directly if you have any questions about her work.


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