Linda Austin – Jewelry

longshellnklcGallery owner, Linda Austin, is a self-taught jewelry artist with an international background. Born in Coronado, she lived in Venezuela, London and Italy, before returning to live and work in Coronado.

She owned and operated a popular gift store, Tesoro Mio, in Coronado for several years before the birth of Austin's Gallery as an artists' co-op in 2008.

A self-confessed crystal and bead addict, Linda first learned to make jewelry to sell in her gift store. Her work involves different jewelry design disciplines from straight beading to beadweaving, looming, wire-work, and metal work. She has recently taken up crochet to add to her repertoire.

Linda lives in Coronado with her two dogs, Lyla, a "Spanador", and Charlotte, a German Shepherd. Please contact Linda for more information on her work.


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